Episode #22 ~ DJ Brian Asher - DNB - 001 (Drum and Bass) 2014

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher  DNB - 001 (Drum and Bass) 

 My first Drum and Bass mix; and it’s loaded with all different vibes and emotions.  This mix gets you pumped right from the start then rolls into a nice groovy chill mid-section, and into a technical minimal sound that then flips and you will know when it does to some killer tracks that you won’t sit still for, some of best DNB tracks I’ve heard in some time.  Then it gently returns you back to society toward the end and your journey is hopefully left you in a happy place.  Volume is your friend on this one!!!  These 26 tracks grow through the mix into an amazing peak of energy!  


DJ Brian Asher

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Episode #21 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops 005 (Deep/Techno/Tech House)

Mixed by Brian Asher (Deep/Techno/Tech House/) 2013

    This is by far the most diverse Sound Drops mix to date, blending all different sub genres of techno together into one perfectly blended mix.  It will take you from a great mellow beginning and dance around various styles and sounds that are sort of abstract slowly bringing you up to a more stream lined middle to end that gets a good groove going.  Includes remixes by John Digweed & Nick MuirChristian SmithMauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri, Filterheadz to name some.  Knowing the sounds of some of these great producers you can see the diversity in styles.  Hope you will take the time to give it a listen from beginning to end and enjoy the journey.

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Episode #20 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Dark Therapy - 003 (Techno)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher

                Get ready for an amazing Techno journey!  This Dark Therapy delivers pure techno in a way I rarely hear anymore.  It starts out with one of my favorite producers Oliver Lieb on the remix duty, setting the stage with an amazing dark ambient sounding techno track.  From there this mix continues to grow into a powerhouse set that any tech fan should enjoy.  This is my first set for 2013, I had many projects at the start of the year that I couldn't pull the trigger on.  Those projects help mold this one into shape and make it a great set!

Thanks for listening!

DJ Brian Asher

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Episode #19 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops - 004 (Progressive House/Deep Tech House)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Progressive House/Deep Tech House) 2012

  This Sound Drops is going to be my summer drop.  It’s a very Funky, Progressive, Deep/ Tech House mix.  Some really amazing tracks in this one.  It has a more house vibe to it than my other mixes, and is suited well for summer party time.  There are some serious funky bass lines in this one, that give the whole mix a slammin groove.  Starts off with a mellow progressive sound, and just keeps developing a funky groove from there. Hope you enjoy

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Episode #18 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Anal0g Ich - 007 (Minimal/Techno/Tech House)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Minimal/Techno/Tech House) 2012

 Finally a new Anal0g Ich for 2012!  This episode focuses on getting this series back to what it was originally, Minimal Tech.

  This mix is nice and mellow, smooth, and tech, with a lot going on for a minimal set.  Its a great listner for any time or mood, it just takes you in to its own world.  I hope you enjoy this one, its an easy listener that can maybe open your minds and ears to some new sounds and styles, but keeps a bit of the edge that I love.  A great sounding guitar will get you started with this mix.

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Episode #17 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops - 003 (Tech House/Techno/Tech Trance)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Tech House/Techno/Tech Trance) 2012

  The new Sound Drops is here.  Sound Drops are not focused on any specific style like many of the other series on the Modulate Podcast, allowing them to be extremely different from one album to the next.  

  This mix begins and ends in two different worlds.  It starts very mellow then progresses to a great sounding groove section throughout the middle before getting into more trance type elements with a tech edge.  This is a full journey indeed, with a lot of sound and emotion going on throughout, so I hope you enjoy and let this mix grow on you; there is a little something in this for everybody.

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Episode #16 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops 002 (House/Tech House)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (House/Tech House) 2011

  This mix has a good deep tech house vibe, with many light and dark moments.  It gently changes direction after every few tracks pushing it along to a nice peak then rolling off into a day dream closing.  Hope you all enjoy

DJ Brian Asher

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Episode #15 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Dark Therapy - 002 (Techno)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Techno) 2011

  This summer so far has had an incredible amount of local talent release some great summer mixes.  I’ve enjoyed a number of them on what good summer days we have had!  So adding to the list for the summer is the second Dark Therapy release.  This is a 21 track techno monster that is heavy on the bass end and progresses to the end intensifying every step of the way.  So when your next rainy day comes, put this on, drop your head, and close your eyes letting this grind away your frustration.  Techno is alive and well in this 1hr 16min therapy session.  Enjoy

DJ Brian Asher

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Episode #14 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Summer Mix - 2011 (Progressive House)

Mixed by Dj Brian Asher (Progressive House) 2011             

   Summer Mix 2011 is HERE.  This is an awesome mix with great progression from beginning to end.  It is a full Progressive set that is perfect for getting you in the summer vibe on the boat, relaxing on the beach, or the afternoon BBQ.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do; it will start you off with a good mellow mood, and progress beautifully along to a nice peak that will set you up for the rest of your day or evening.  I’ve been enjoying a bit mellower side as of late, and this is a reflection of what makes me groove when not working my usual tech sound.  Enjoy and have a great summer.  Dance for SUN…..

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Episode #13 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Anal0g Ich - 006 (Tech House)

Mixed by Dj Brian Asher (Tech House) 2011  

   First release of 2011;  The 6th Session of anal0g Ich is a good mix of moderate peaks and valleys.  This was a very challenging mix to finalize, but the end result I think is a great Techno based mix to take you to the edge but keep a sense of control.  If your one who likes it loud there are some great bass lines in this that sound fantastic, TURN IT UP.  The anal0g Ich series is about bringing you quality underground tech-house, minimal sound.   I hope you all enjoy this first techno outing of 2011.  I will also be releasing my next Dark Therapy album in the next few weeks that is sure to be an amazing follow up to the first one that I received so much feedback on.  It will take you on an amazing musical journey that will push new boundaries.  
Enjoy this Tech Fix.  

DJ Brian Asher

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Episode #12 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops - 001 (Progressive)

Mixed by Dj Brian Asher (Progressive) 2010

    Time to switch it up a bit.  All TECH aside here, this is a nice progressive mix with a little of everything.  This is my take on a unique easy listener for the winter, drawing from what inspires me from other styles and putting it into a surprising, unique progressive mix. A lot of great tracks ranging from progressive house, minimal, and even some vocals.  This is a little outside my TECH norm, pulling on my creative cords for the winter.  I hope this mix finds a home on your players for the months to come.  

Happy Holidays

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Episode #11 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Dark Therapy - 001 (Techno)

 Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Techno) 2010

  Fans of the darker side of Techno, this is for you.  Dark Therapy takes you into a deep world of sound, that will cause you to stop what your doing and just start listening.  I'm excited to finally get this mix out and get peoples feed back on it.  This is a little heavier sound then I typically release on my site, and usually just deliver in live sets.  Hope this therapy lesson treats you well.....

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Episode #10 ~ DJ Brian Asher - A New Techade (Minimal/Tech House)

Mixed by Dj Brian Asher (Minimal/Tech House) 2010

   This is by far the sickest mix I've done to date in the Tech/House genre.  I can't stop playing this since I've finished it.  Now I can finally share it with all of you.  From the start you will enter a chuggy, funky beat that gets you warmed up. From there the beats just continue to roll from one to the next causing your neck to potentially get sore......  You'll find a very smooth progression in the energy as it moves along.

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Episode #9 ~ DJ Brian Asher - The Green Beam - 002 (Tech/Trance)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Tech Trance) 2009

  The Green Beam is centered on the peak hour sound that gets the hands in the air.  Nearly 3 years after the first Green Beam it is finally the answer to that album.  This is my little Christmas present to you for the holidays.  It seals up a great year, and starts the 4th year of the Modulate Podcast.  So thank you all who have supported my music creations over the years, and may there be many more to come. 

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Episode #8 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Anal0g Ich 5th Session (Tech/House)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher  (Tech House) 2009

   Finally the 5th Anal0g Ich is here.  Realizing I hadn't put one out this year, the time had come to deliver.  This mix has a huge range of sound to it.  With the many unique sounds and styles it made it challenging and exciting to put a mix like this together.  I certainly think it was worth the wait.  There was a lot more time put into this project than normal,  there were a few more side projects to come out of it-  so look for more to come very soon.  Hope you enjoy

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Episode #7 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Night Turns Day (Progressive/Techno/Trance)

​Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Progressive/Techno/Trance) 2009

  This mix is a blend of Progressive, Techno, Trance. It works its way through the different styles slowly progressing in tempo and energy.

I hope you finish this mix wanting more. I'll be working on the follow up to this continuing the energy this mix has started.

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Episode #6 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Anal0g Ich 4th Session (Techno)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Techno) 2008

  This mix is a dark twisted path just in time for the holidays. By far the dirtiest of the Anal0g Ich cd's and one that's my favorite so far. It has some very nice progressive sounding moments but always pulls you back into the reality of a dark chuggy techno sound keeping true to what the Anal0g Ich is all about.

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Episode #4 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Anal0g Ich - 003 (Techno)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Techno) 2008

The 3rd Session of the Anal0g Ich has a bit more emotion to it then the last two.  Still maintaining a very minimal tech vibe throughout the entire mix, it has some slight twists to it that make you wonder where this journey may lead. Enjoy this 70min 17 track journey.

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Episode #3 ~ DJ Brian Asher - The Green Beam - 001 (Tech Trance)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Tek Trance Mix) 2007

  This is the first in a series of mixes dedicated to those waiting for the energy and quality of music that comes at the peak hours of the night.

This was an amazing set to put together and I look forward to continuing the vibe this series is dedicated to.

For those of you who are familiar with my live sets this should be reminiscent of some amazing nights, and I look forward to more.

Best Regards

DJ Brian Asher

  • Thanks to all who have been subscribing to the MODULATE Podcast, I hope you continue to enjoy the beats.
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