Episode #9 ~ DJ Brian Asher - The Green Beam - 002 (Tech/Trance)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Tech Trance) 2009

  The Green Beam is centered on the peak hour sound that gets the hands in the air.  Nearly 3 years after the first Green Beam it is finally the answer to that album.  This is my little Christmas present to you for the holidays.  It seals up a great year, and starts the 4th year of the Modulate Podcast.  So thank you all who have supported my music creations over the years, and may there be many more to come. 

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Episode #3 ~ DJ Brian Asher - The Green Beam - 001 (Tech Trance)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Tek Trance Mix) 2007

  This is the first in a series of mixes dedicated to those waiting for the energy and quality of music that comes at the peak hours of the night.

This was an amazing set to put together and I look forward to continuing the vibe this series is dedicated to.

For those of you who are familiar with my live sets this should be reminiscent of some amazing nights, and I look forward to more.

Best Regards

DJ Brian Asher

  • Thanks to all who have been subscribing to the MODULATE Podcast, I hope you continue to enjoy the beats.
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