Episode #21 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops 005 (Deep/Techno/Tech House)

Mixed by Brian Asher (Deep/Techno/Tech House/) 2013

    This is by far the most diverse Sound Drops mix to date, blending all different sub genres of techno together into one perfectly blended mix.  It will take you from a great mellow beginning and dance around various styles and sounds that are sort of abstract slowly bringing you up to a more stream lined middle to end that gets a good groove going.  Includes remixes by John Digweed & Nick MuirChristian SmithMauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri, Filterheadz to name some.  Knowing the sounds of some of these great producers you can see the diversity in styles.  Hope you will take the time to give it a listen from beginning to end and enjoy the journey.

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Episode #19 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops - 004 (Progressive House/Deep Tech House)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Progressive House/Deep Tech House) 2012

  This Sound Drops is going to be my summer drop.  It’s a very Funky, Progressive, Deep/ Tech House mix.  Some really amazing tracks in this one.  It has a more house vibe to it than my other mixes, and is suited well for summer party time.  There are some serious funky bass lines in this one, that give the whole mix a slammin groove.  Starts off with a mellow progressive sound, and just keeps developing a funky groove from there. Hope you enjoy

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Episode #17 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops - 003 (Tech House/Techno/Tech Trance)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Tech House/Techno/Tech Trance) 2012

  The new Sound Drops is here.  Sound Drops are not focused on any specific style like many of the other series on the Modulate Podcast, allowing them to be extremely different from one album to the next.  

  This mix begins and ends in two different worlds.  It starts very mellow then progresses to a great sounding groove section throughout the middle before getting into more trance type elements with a tech edge.  This is a full journey indeed, with a lot of sound and emotion going on throughout, so I hope you enjoy and let this mix grow on you; there is a little something in this for everybody.

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Episode #16 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops 002 (House/Tech House)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (House/Tech House) 2011

  This mix has a good deep tech house vibe, with many light and dark moments.  It gently changes direction after every few tracks pushing it along to a nice peak then rolling off into a day dream closing.  Hope you all enjoy

DJ Brian Asher

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Episode #12 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops - 001 (Progressive)

Mixed by Dj Brian Asher (Progressive) 2010

    Time to switch it up a bit.  All TECH aside here, this is a nice progressive mix with a little of everything.  This is my take on a unique easy listener for the winter, drawing from what inspires me from other styles and putting it into a surprising, unique progressive mix. A lot of great tracks ranging from progressive house, minimal, and even some vocals.  This is a little outside my TECH norm, pulling on my creative cords for the winter.  I hope this mix finds a home on your players for the months to come.  

Happy Holidays

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Episode #10 ~ DJ Brian Asher - A New Techade (Minimal/Tech House)

Mixed by Dj Brian Asher (Minimal/Tech House) 2010

   This is by far the sickest mix I've done to date in the Tech/House genre.  I can't stop playing this since I've finished it.  Now I can finally share it with all of you.  From the start you will enter a chuggy, funky beat that gets you warmed up. From there the beats just continue to roll from one to the next causing your neck to potentially get sore......  You'll find a very smooth progression in the energy as it moves along.

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Episode #8 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Anal0g Ich 5th Session (Tech/House)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher  (Tech House) 2009

   Finally the 5th Anal0g Ich is here.  Realizing I hadn't put one out this year, the time had come to deliver.  This mix has a huge range of sound to it.  With the many unique sounds and styles it made it challenging and exciting to put a mix like this together.  I certainly think it was worth the wait.  There was a lot more time put into this project than normal,  there were a few more side projects to come out of it-  so look for more to come very soon.  Hope you enjoy

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Episode #7 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Night Turns Day (Progressive/Techno/Trance)

​Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Progressive/Techno/Trance) 2009

  This mix is a blend of Progressive, Techno, Trance. It works its way through the different styles slowly progressing in tempo and energy.

I hope you finish this mix wanting more. I'll be working on the follow up to this continuing the energy this mix has started.

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