Episode #19 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Sound Drops - 004 (Progressive House/Deep Tech House)

Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Progressive House/Deep Tech House) 2012

  This Sound Drops is going to be my summer drop.  It’s a very Funky, Progressive, Deep/ Tech House mix.  Some really amazing tracks in this one.  It has a more house vibe to it than my other mixes, and is suited well for summer party time.  There are some serious funky bass lines in this one, that give the whole mix a slammin groove.  Starts off with a mellow progressive sound, and just keeps developing a funky groove from there. Hope you enjoy

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Episode #14 ~ DJ Brian Asher - Summer Mix - 2011 (Progressive House)

Mixed by Dj Brian Asher (Progressive House) 2011             

   Summer Mix 2011 is HERE.  This is an awesome mix with great progression from beginning to end.  It is a full Progressive set that is perfect for getting you in the summer vibe on the boat, relaxing on the beach, or the afternoon BBQ.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do; it will start you off with a good mellow mood, and progress beautifully along to a nice peak that will set you up for the rest of your day or evening.  I’ve been enjoying a bit mellower side as of late, and this is a reflection of what makes me groove when not working my usual tech sound.  Enjoy and have a great summer.  Dance for SUN…..

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