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Mixed by Brian Asher (Techno) 2017

                Finally a new Dark Therapy mix for those that enjoy the sound of pure tech at its finest.  This is a collection of tracks that I've been enjoying the last few months.

Thanks for listening!

DJ Brian Asher


  • 1 Where it Begins (Original Mix) by Layton Gordani
  • 2 If You Still Want Me (Original Mix) by Yotam Avni
  • 3 Atari (Original Mix) by Sharam
  • 4 Inside Out (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) by Victor Ruiz, Drunken Kong
  • 5 Blooming Era (Original Mix) by Enrico Sangiuliano
  • 6 Mod1 (Original Mix) by Dubspeeka
  • 7 Mission (Mark Reeve Remix) by Drunken Kong
  • 8 Space (Original Mix) by Julian Jeweil
  • 9 Circle Run (Original Mix) by Reinier Zonneveld
  • 10 The Summoning (Original Mix) by Reinier Zonneveld
  • 11 Dance With The Devil (Original Mix) by Reinier Zonneveld
  • 12 Advance (Original Mix) by Melt
  • 13 Porcelain (Jelian Jeweil Remix) by Mody
  • 14 Module (Original Mix) by Julian Jeweil
  • 15 Ninex 7-c (Original Mix) by Maetrik
  • 16 Phantom Move by Stephan Hinz
  • 17 Deep Inside (Original Mix) by Dino Maggiorana
  • 18 Time (MasterSlave, Oliver-K Remix) by Sergio Del Lago
  • 19 The Solution (Mario Ochoa Remix) by Rob Hes