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Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Techno) 2013

                Get ready for an amazing Techno journey!  This Dark Therapy delivers pure techno in a way I rarely hear anymore.  It starts out with one of my favorite producers Oliver Lieb on the remix duty, setting the stage with an amazing dark ambient sounding techno track.  From there this mix continues to grow into a powerhouse set that any tech fan should enjoy.  This is my first set for 2013, I had many projects at the start of the year that I couldn't pull the trigger on.  Those projects help mold this one into shape and make it a great set!

Thanks for listening!

DJ Brian Asher

Track List

01 - Cobalt 27 By Oliver Lieb

02 - Shake By Daryl Stay

03 - “Banshee” By Artem Abdrakhmanov

04 - Acid Feeling By Snello

05 - Your Mind By Anthony Castaldo & Mars Bill

06 - Matavision By Coyu

07 - Double Drop By Henry Cullen

08 - Acid Room By Snello

09 - Reconnect By R. Cooper

10 - Sanga By Tom Laws

11 - They Really Want It By Andrea Frisina - Slackers Project Perania

12 - Closed By Axel Karakasis

13 - Peal By Timmo

14 - Days of modoc By Ferhat Albayrak

15 - Swag By Robin Hirte

16 - Backdoor By Julian Luken

17 - Drinks By The Pool By 808 lounge