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Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Techno) 2010

  Fans of the darker side of Techno, this is for you.  Dark Therapy takes you into a deep world of sound, that will cause you to stop what your doing and just start listening.  I'm excited to finally get this mix out and get peoples feed back on it.  This is a little heavier sound then I typically release on my site, and usually just deliver in live sets.  Hope this therapy lesson treats you well.....

Track List

01 - Zahn Decimal's Slow BurnerBy Chris Liebing - Auf Und Davon

02 - Days Pass, Nights Creep InBy Justin Berkovi

03 - CrashBy Andy White

04 - BreathBy Jason Fernandes, Hugo Paixao

05 - Absent MindedBy Mikael Jonasson

06 - Redox Kei Mohebi RMXBy Adrian Hour

07 - No FunnyBy Frankyeffe

08 - SchlaimaBy Daniel Soave

09 - Squeamish SortBy Umek

10 - StereophonyBy Andy White

11 - All about loveBy Luciano Pardini

12 - Fawkin Kewl (Dirtyloud Lied To Me RMX)By Frederik Olufsen

13 - FissionBy CrazyTeck

14 - NeurotronikBy Marc Henry

15 - Short circuitBy Steve Mulder

16 - MuzeBy Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood