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Mixed by DJ Brian Asher (Minimal/Tech House) 2012

 Finally a new Anal0g Ich for 2012!  This episode focuses on getting this series back to what it was originally, Minimal Tech.

  This mix is nice and mellow, smooth, and tech, with a lot going on for a minimal set.  Its a great listner for any time or mood, it just takes you in to its own world.  I hope you enjoy this one, its an easy listener that can maybe open your minds and ears to some new sounds and styles, but keeps a bit of the edge that I love.  A great sounding guitar will get you started with this mix.

Track List

01 - B Side Word Original Mix By Schvarze Liste

02 - Three (Original Mix) By David Vio

03 - Lost in Colors (Tobias Welcome Song) (Robert Babicz Remix) By Ripperton

04 - Sundowner (Original Mix) By Hobo

05 - Body Movin - Original Mix By Ale Di Rio

06 - Something MORE Serious Original Mix By Mr Wise

07 - Witch Pot (Original Mix) By Clone Kent

08 - Wonderland (Original Mix) ByEric Reivolp

09 - Cogs Original Mix By Joel Morgan

10 - Epidemic - Original Mix By Egoism

11 - A Skilift Upstairs The Sleeping City (Max Cooper Remix) By Ripperton

12 - Rock Like A Queen Original Mix By Michel Caron

13 - Phono:Matik (Original Mix) By SRA

14 - Farraway Original By Ripperton

15 - Education Children Original Mix By Alberto la Torre_JoeDeSimone

16 - My Seven Favorit Sharpshooters Gaga Remix By Hellomonkey

17 - Dark Piano Original Mix By Eddie Morra

18 - Smoking Marcien Remix By A.Ti

19 - Bam Bam Sadder Boom Techno Remix By Modus Sollers

20 - Invaders (Original mix) By Prognosis