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Mixed by Dj Brian Asher (Tech House) 2011           

   First release of 2011;  The 6th Session of anal0g Ich is a good mix of moderate peaks and valleys.  This was a very challenging mix to finalize, but the end result I think is a great Techno based mix to take you to the edge but keep a sense of control.  If your one who likes it loud there are some great bass lines in this that sound fantastic, TURN IT UP.  The anal0g Ich series is about bringing you quality underground tech-house, minimal sound.   I hope you all enjoy this first techno outing of 2011.  I will also be releasing my next Dark Therapy album in the next few weeks that is sure to be an amazing follow up to the first one that I received so much feedback on.  It will take you on an amazing musical journey that will push new boundaries. 
Enjoy this Tech Fix. 

DJ Brian Asher.